Enable Label Printing

We have an integration with Dymo label printers to print labels for medication dispensing. We have done thorough testing with Dymo Labelwriter 450. However, it should work with many other types of Dymo label printers. We have also seen it work on Brother label printers, and likely should work on other label printers you may already have.

Please take a look at this video that walks through the label printer interface download + set up process, and addresses a few common issues customers have experienced. Even if you do not have a Dymo label printer, you should still follow the steps here as we rely on the Dymo label software to build the labels.

If the troubleshooting steps in the video have not helped resolved the issue, please reach out to support@akutehealth.com and we’ll help! To speed up the process, we recommend sending any relevant screenshots, the name/version of the browser you’re using, and the model of your label printer.

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