Label printing not working

If your label printing from Akute used to work but no longer does, the issue is likely due to the DYMO web service being disabled. We use this service to communicate with the DYMO APIs to build your label for printing. Follow the steps below to re-enable your label printing:


1. Open Finder
2. Click "View" on the toolbar at the top of the screen
3. Click "Show Pathbar" in the menu that opens (if pathbar is already enabled, it will say "Hide Pathbar". Don't click that option).

4. Now in Finder, click "Macintosh" at the bottom (see screenshot). This will auto navigate your find to the root macintosh folder. If you don't see Macintosh at the bottom, make sure your current selected folder is a folder in the Macintosh path, such as "Desktop" or "Downloads".

5. Now navigate to "Library"->"Frameworks"->"DYMO"->"SDK". Then double click on "DYMO.DLS.Printing.Host" or right click and then select open.

6. You'll see the Dymo icon show at the top toolbar now. 

7. You can click on this icon, then select "Diagnose". If you see the image below, that means your label printer is successfully connected. Click "OK" to open a web page that verifies the successful connection. If that is also successful, you can now print labels from Akute.

If this didn't work, please follow our other troubleshooting articles, or email us at for support.

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