Troubleshooting Dymo printer (Windows)

Dymo has recently changed their driver website and released new updates. If you’re using Windows, please follow these steps to troubleshoot any issues you’re having with Dymo.

First, navigate to this site here: From there, scroll to the bottom and choose the Windows version of DYMO Label Software 8.7.4 (see screenshot below). Install that.

After the installation completes, you should see an icon that looks like this in your toolbar at the bottom right of your screen:

When you click on this icon, it should say, "Started on port...". If it says, "Not running", there should be an option that says, "Start service." Click on that option.

If you don't see this Dymo icon, look at where you installed the application and open that application. That should cause the icon to appear in the toolbar.

Once this is completed, try the dispense process again and see if the label appears. It will automatically print if your label printer is connected.

If your label printer is not connected, you can click on the print icon on the medication later whenever you connect your label printer.

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