Zoom overview

Akute and Zoom
Akute offers an integration with Zoom, a powerful video tool for patients and providers. You will still be able to use Akute's built-in video calling, but this integration offers an additional option for practices that prefer Zoom. 
Akute does not provide a Zoom account for practices; it is the practice's responsibility to sign up for the Zoom account that best fits their needs.
Please see the linked article below ("Zoom Integration") for steps on how to integrate Zoom with Akute.
Zoom is a user-friendly tool, but technical difficulties can still occur during or before a meeting. To increase your chances of a successful Zoom meeting, please try the following steps:
  • Ensure a stable internet connection: Your internet connection should have sufficient bandwidth to support a Zoom call.
  • Check camera and microphone: Verify that your camera and microphone are correctly connected and working. Zoom provides online resources for help with your audio and video.
  • Test your connection: Check your audio and video quality by joining a test call.
  • Keep Zoom updated: Updating to the latest version of Zoom can fix compatibility issues.
  • Restart your device: A simple restart may solve common technical issues.
  • Check Zoom settings: Make sure your audio and video settings are properly set, unmuted, and that your volume settings are adjusted.
  • Check for operating system updates on your device: As with updating Zoom, updating your operating system can address compatibility issues.
  • Verify your firewall: If you use a firewall, make sure it is not blocking Zoom.
  • Look for conflicting apps: Close any apps that are not in use and may be conflicting with Zoom.
If you have tried these helpful tips and are still experiencing problems, please email us for additional assistance at support@akutehealth.com.

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