Lab Ordering Guide

Ordering labs for a patient in Akute is fast and simple, with lots of customization options and electronic results that can be trended.

Here are the steps to order labs:

  1. Go to a patient chart
  2. Navigate to the Labs tab
  3. Click the "Order Labs" button
    1. This button will have a warning sign if the patient does not have insurance information uploaded to the Akute chart (see insurance section of chart).
    2. Insurance information is not critical to include, however, if the patient is going to pay via insurance (choose 3rd party when selecting billing method), the lab expects the order to include insurance details.
      1. Most lab technicians will collect the insurance information when the patient shows up to the lab for the draw, however, they do not always do this and sometimes will just defer to cash instead.
  4. Follow the instructions outlined in this guide here (step 6 is already done for you).
  5. Once all options have been selected and you are ready to submit the order, click “Submit” to send order to the lab. If you’d like to print and eSign the paper form by checking the “Print Requisition Form” box and clicking “eSign & Submit.”
  6. Click the "X" at the right right of the page to close the lab ordering screen and go back to the Akute Health screen
  7. You can review your orders in the "Orders" tab in a patient chart
  8. Results will automatically be available in a patient's chart when we receive them. A task will be created for you when the results are ready.
  9. The task will have the results PDF included as an attachment, which is directly viewable in the Documents section of a patient's chart.
  10. In addition, we will receive the discrete data values from a lab in the Labs section of a chart. This means you'll be able to view out-of-range results as red, search for results, and click on a result to see the trend over time.

*If you need to connect to additional labs, please email Akute Support at

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