Custom Sidebar Apps Guide

Only available for Enterprise & Developer plan customers

See video walkthrough here.

  1. Go to Settings -> Sidebar Apps
  2. Add an endpoint(s) where you will respond to a GET request from the Akute server
  3. In the endpoint(s) provided, the request query will contain:
    1. { patient_id: <akute_patient_id>, external_patient_id: <external patient id set by customer on patient create through API> }
  4. Send a response with this schema:
    1. [ { title: <String>, html: <String> } ]
    2. The parent array allows for multiple "apps" to be sent from a single endpoint
  5. The HTML string in the above response must have a parent div element with id="akute-sidebar-app"
  6. The following elements are not currently supported:
    1. button
    2. form
    3. input
  7. The following element attributes are currently not supported:
    1. action
  8. Any URLs used in the HTML must be HTTPS. HTTP, FTP, and others are not supported

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