Bulk task upload

Create tasks in bulk via a CSV patient ID upload in the task create form. This allows you to create multiple duplicate tasks for many different patients.

  1. Create a task through the normal method in the inbox (you cannot create bulk tasks in a patient chart).
  2. Edit all the task fields such as task title, description, tags, due date, etc.
  3. Instead of choosing a patient in the dropdown for the patient field, click the "Upload CSV" button below the dropdown.
  4. Choose a file from your file system which is in CSV format
  5. The CSV must include at least one of the following columns (see template here)
    1. Akute Patient ID or External Patient ID are required. 
    2. Task and Description are optional if you want to have a custom task field for that row. If no Task or Description cell included, then the defaults from the form will be used.
    3. All column headers are case insensitive (meaning they can be all caps, all lowercase, or anything in between)The spaces between words are required (i.e. Akute Patient has a space between Patient and List)
    4. Only one patient ID column is required. If both columns are present, we'll only check the value in one patient ID column for each row (with Akute Patient ID overwriting External Patient ID if both are present in a row)
      1. This means some rows could have no value for Akute Patient ID and only have a value for External Patient ID - as well as vice-versa - allowing you to mix and match if needed.
    5. Column order is ignored as is any extra columns (i.e. You can have External Patient ID first and Akute Patient ID column second and Task third and Description fourth, or a Task column first, then Akute Patient Id)
  6. After selecting a CSV file and all other fields in the Task Form are filled as desired, click the SAVE button.
  7. An identical task will be created for each row with a valid patient ID and custom task field if included
    1. If no valid patient ID exists for a given row, we'll skip that row and continue searching the remaining rows in the CSV
  8. If there were any errors (e.g. a row with an invalid Patient ID or no Patient ID), a report will open with the number of created tasks and number of errors along with the reason for the error
  9. A CSV file will be automatically downloaded to your computer if there are any errors in the bulk task upload. The CSV will match the report described above with the header row "Akute Patient ID,External Patient ID,Task,Reason". The values for each row will represent the value we searched.
    1. E.g. If a row contains a value under the Akute Patient ID column and the External Patient ID column, then we will only search the Akute Patient ID value. If that value is not valid, the error csv will only include the Akute Patient ID value.

Please reach out to support@akutehealth.com with any questions.

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