Deleting prescriptions/refills from task list

While you can delete most tasks directly from your inbox, you have to clear pharmacy refill requests, pharmacy errors, and prescription-related tasks through DoseSpot (our e-Prescribe vendor).

Please see the attached video for a quick walkthrough of how to remove these types of tasks!

To remove a pharmacy error, click on the task in your inbox. This will take you to the DoseSpot interface, where you will be able to click on the + sign next to “Transmission Errors.” Once you’ve expanded this list, click “Ignore” next to the correct prescription, and confirm on the next pop-up.

To remove a pending prescription, click the + sign next to “Pending Prescriptions.” Click “View” next to the correct prescription, scroll down to the correct prescription, and select the checkbox for that medication. On the right side, click “Actions” and select delete.

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