Support Escalation

Akute support escalation guidelines

This is a guide to detail what constitutes different levels of necessary support and how to trigger each level.


Severity Level
Definition Examples Initiation Method
Low These are general product usage questions. They require a response at the earliest convenience of our support team.
  • Not sure how to use the forms, lab ordering, faxes, e-prescribe, or other features
  • Would like to upgrade pricing plans and/or add-on additional features/prescribers/etc
Normal These are questions or issues that aren't blocking use of the product, but they do require a quick response.
  • A particular feature doesn't seem to be working properly
  • You updated your settings but it does not seem like the update is working
  • You need to change account information that is not accessible via the settings page
  • You added/removed a user but the action doesn't seem to have worked
  • Email
  • Message via our chat widget on
  • Message via shared Slack channel (custom plan only)
High These issues prevent using the product or service effectively or a particular non-mission critical feature. They require an immediate response.
  • Service is too slow to be effective
  • E-prescribe/lab ordering/faxing are showing random errors
  • Sporadic errors are occurring across the app 
  • Email
  • Text (855) 755-8517 (growth plan and up only)
  • Message via shared Slack channel and @mention your AE (custom plan only)
Urgent These are issues that either completely blocks the use of the product or a mission critical feature. These are top priority responses.
  • Service is down and not accessible by users.
  • Service is slowed to such a degree that resources are not loading
  • Email
  • Call (855) 755-8517. Leave a voicemail detailing the issue, your name, and your clinic, and we will get back to you ASAP (growth plan & up only)

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